Exhibition of graphic works entitled: "Trans-formation"


The exhibition includes a series of thirteen graphic works - triptychs and three diptychs made in digital technology (114 / 93cm) The presented works are a synthesis of my experiences, reflections and thoughts related to the transformation of a gesture in a liquid image. At the same time, they are a continuation of my previous studies on meanings recorded in motion. The conducted experiments while traveling confirmed my belief that movement is the essence and source of cultural differences. In Asia, the movement of life is shaped and induced among the elements of a tropical climate, volcanic craters, scorching sun, lush vegetation and monsoon rains. This movement shaped a culture that developed in a place of glorious abundance of nature's gifts. A nature that can be gentle and generous, to suddenly turn into menacing and destructive in the madness of the released resins. Also in Mediterranean culture, the connection between movement and sound in any place seems obvious. From this relationship, signs and their meanings are born. Movement disturbs the "silence" of the form that begins to communicate the messages. The energy of motion shapes marks - a world saturated with movement, emotions and tensions.


Akademia Lubrańskiego
1 Lubrański Street