UAM Centre for Axiology of New Technologies and Social Change


About the Centre

The Centre for Axiology of New Technologies and Social Change at UAM is a separate research and analytical organisational unit focusing its interests on the axiological dimension of social processes.

The aim of the Centre is to conduct and promote scientific research, organise debates, conferences, seminars and workshops with the participation of experts, publish monographs, scientific articles and analyses, obtain funds for conducting research and developing research infrastructure, and promote open cooperation of international experts in the field of axiological determinants of social change.

The areas of scientific activity of the Centre are, in particular:

  • Research on the axiology of social and technological innovations in social policy (effectiveness of family-friendly policies, work-life balance; technological and social innovations and the well-being of senior citizens; religiosity and human life satisfaction; philosophy and ethics of technology; personalistic humanism; familiology: theoretical, historical-cultural, contextual and practical aspects);
  • Research on the development of Society 4.0 and Digital State (corporate social responsibility in Economy 4.0; ethics in business in the light of the development of Industry 4.0; eco-development as a fundamental determinant of sustainable development; ethical barriers to the spread of artificial intelligence; axiological determinants of the digital welfare state);
  • Research on the axiological impact of culture-creating disciplines (Art, music, literature, architecture) on humanising civilisation 4.0 transformations 4.0 (representation of the person in virtual and augmented reality; the self, or the sense of the conscious self in civilisation 4.0; the human being between natural and virtual reality; art as a link connecting the axiological structures of natural and virtual reality; the impact of social medialisation on changing value systems, non-verbal communication and behavioural profiling).


Tasks of the Centre:

  • Conducting research work on the axiology of new technologies and social change;
  • Implementation of scientific research and development projects;
  • Consolidation of interdisciplinary research;
  • Cooperation with scientists from leading scientific centres in Poland and abroad;
  • Scientific activation of young researchers.