Aleksandra Łukaszewicz

Academy of Art in Szczecin (Poland)

PhD in Philosophy on “Epistemological Function of the Photographic Image” at the Warsaw University (2010); habilitation in Humanities in field of Culture and Religion Studies at the University of Lodz (2020). Specialist in philosophical aesthetics and theory of culture and art, considering posthumanist and transhumanist approach, especially in the relation to art and personhood issues, that is in aesthetic and ethical reflection in social perspective. 

Vice-chairman of the Polish Society of Aesthetics. The recipient of various prizes and grants; these include a scholarship from the Kościuszko Foundation for research on art, culture, and aesthetics in the work of Joseph Margolis, and a grant to support the preparation of her book project on the theory of cyborg persons explained in terms of the metaphysics of culture: Are Cyborgs Persons? An Account on Futurist Ethics, Palgrave Macmillan 2021. The Main Coordinator of two international research consortium: TICASS (2017-2021) and TPAAE (2020-2023) realizing projects founded by the European Commission within the programme MSCA-RISE H2020, dedicated to visual communication and visual literacy, and to art and art education in transcultural perspective. Coordinator on behalf of the Polish Society of Aesthetics – the partner in the research consortium – in the research project CAPHE: Communities and Artistic Participation in Hybrid Environments (2022-2026). 

Trained at the Academy of Fine Art in Poznan in field of Photography on the Bachelor’s Degree (1998-2002) she is also sometimes active as co-curator in artistic projects and as an artist herself, now participating as co-curator and as an artist in the art-research project “Numeric Art. Between Freedom and Control”) with Academy of Art in Szczecin, Academy of Fine Art in Gdansk, College Art And Design D’orléans (France) (2022).

Since 2011 she is working at the Academy of Art in Szczecin (Poland), first as Assistant Professor (2011-2021), and now as Professor (since 2021). Apart from didactic and research activity she has also had administrative functions as: in years 2011-2015 she was Director of Multimedia Library, creating the library as author’s project; in years 2012-2016 she was the Head of Institute of History and Theory of Art, Faculty of Painting and New Media.


Alksandra Lukaszewicz